Every brand is a broadcaster. Get creative on our platform.


We offer a brand-safe web-based video broadcast platform that delivers all the tools to launch a video channel online and on Smart TV. Channels can be rolling 24h or scheduled and are fully searchable.


QR codes generated enable you to attach different QR codes to every video in your channel. On handheld devices, viewers can touch the code to launch an information or sales experience; on other screens, QR codes can be scanned with a mobile phone to launch second-screen experiences for shopping and interaction.


A bespoke, full-featured multichannel Web TV video broadcast platform for commercial and institutional use. Brings businesses and institutions everything they need to launch multichannel video experiences enhanced with QR codes and distributed on the web, digital devices, Smart TV and out-of-home screens.

QR Video Manager - an easy to use back office tool for generating and managing QR codes and video channels. QR Manager allows you to customise QR codes with your logo and brand colours. You can set and change destination URLs, create codes launching emails, audio, offers as well as websites. QR codes scans can be limited, location-specific and set to expire after a set number of scans or on schedule.


Image of a QR code on an instuction booklet for a piece of furniture
Image of a QR code on an instuction booklet for a bookshelf
Image of a QR code on a perfume bottle
Image of a QR code on a bottle of moisturiser
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