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Industry Solutions

Retail, Publishing, Packaging, Broadcasting

We can provide a custom QR Video platform relevant to your industry needs.


Museums, Art, Universities, Healthcare, Market Research

Harnesses the emotional power of video and combines it with the latest QR code technologies.


QR Video Manager, QR Maker, QR Cube, QR Touch TV

Our adaptive engine technology allows you to create dynamic, personalised QR Codes that allow for advanced user interactions.

Portfolio of Work

NHS, Government, Brands, Businesses, Charities

We help compaines and organisations to create and deliver integrated QR Video products.

QR Enhanced Video Solutions

We create QR-enhanced video solutions for businesses and brands.

QR Video Solutions is a TV and video platform that uses QR codes to launch interactive video experiences. At its core is a proprietary content management system that enables creation and editing of videos, video channels and QR Codes at scale.

QR Video Solutions is based on a simple user dynamic:

  • Scan + View = Action (the user scans a code to launch a video)
  • Watch + Scan = Action (the user watches a video then scans an in-screen code to learn more, or make a purchase)
  • Buy + Scan = Action (the viewer scans a product for further information)

Video has become the dominant user experience on the internet, from lean-back streaming at home to large screen out-of-home advertising. Smartphones and 5G connectivity put a video player in every pocket. Video messaging and conferencing have become everyday activities.

We believe existing video models aren’t serving the needs of business and publishers. Video needs to be dynamic: It’s not enough to post a promotional video on a brand page. Users want to engage, to scan for more information, to order, book and buy direct from the video. They want channels where multiple brands are grouped together, based on shared themes. They want to watch out-of-home as well as on smart TV and digital devices.

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QR Codes

About us

We create QR-enhanced video solutions for businesses and brands.

QR Video Solutions is the product of a team of entrepreneurs, academics, digital media analysts, filmmakers and software engineers.

We've been developing video and media software for 15 years and have worked with some of the world's biggest events and brands, including the World Cup Finals and the Olympic Games.

We've interviewed hundreds of thousands of people, including some of the top names in entertainment, sports and politics.

QR Video Solutions has always been inspired by how streamable media content on-demand is one of the certainties and mega trends of our era, from calling up educational guides to exploring the Metaverse. We've built video products for universities, newspapers, government offices and businesses, based on the idea that the face-to-face interaction from video is the most powerful communication tool and brand can wield.

Content Creation

We create broadcast Channels and video reports for businesses brands and sponsors.

QR Video Solutions offers commissioned video from concept to post-production and streaming for our clients.

We access a network of experienced video professionals trained to create inspired reports that speak directly to audiences.

QR Video Solutions creatives bring a reporter's skills and mindset to the world of online video, reflecting life in all its diversity from the local to the global, from the village fete to the Olympic Games.


Here is what some of our clients and collaborators say about working with us:

The partnership that CNWL Pharmacy has had with QR Video solutions has been fantastic. We had a vision from the outset which was to create a media solution to enhance and innovate provision of medicines information to our patients and carers across CNWL. James Ohene-Djan, Senior Lecturer, Computing Department, Goldsmiths and the team at QR Video solutions have worked incredibly hard to best meet our desired objectives. Their proactive and responsive approach has been incredible and we are highly optimistic about our collaborative agenda going forward. Thank you James and colleagues for introducing CNWL to a new world of opportunities which will no doubt be the future to many healthcare solutions.

Anshu Rayan

Deputy Chief Pharmacist

Thank you all for the huge amount of time and effort that you've put into the creativity, design, development and realisation of our Health and Wellbeing channels. They understood my vision and did an excellent job at executing it!The entire team has proven to be very innovative and will work with ideas that I have as well and think of ideas and suggestions I would never have considered. It's been great working with you and has enabled us to reach an audience that we often don't engage with.

Sarah Hawken

Health Improvement Manager

We at MIND (HFEH) have worked with QR Video Solution since the pandemic to design and develop digital solution to ensure continuous access to mental health resources and information for our service users. QR Video solutions built and developed MY-MIND TV an online video platform which provides services users as well our genral community with useful mental health video content.The team at QE VS have been great to work with, they carefully listened to our service needs, whilst offering helpful feedback and suggestions from the technological and systems accepts of the development of the platform. They have been transparent and always open to try out new ideas in order to meet our operational needs . Great service QR Video ​solutions!

Nana Owusu

Clinical Lead / Director of Children and Young Peoples Services

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